Helping you to confidently research, source, negotiate and buy your own investment property like a Professional.

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Helping you to confidently research, source, negotiate and buy your own investment property like a Professional.

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Want to learn how to successfully buy an investment property and build ongoing income streams?

The Millionaire Property Investor Program does exactly that. We’re showing you everything you need to know to invest in residential property with clarity and confidence.

Join Buyer’s Agent and Mentor, Julie Crockett as she walks you through the 8 module program to successfully buying your investment property.


To provide you with a straight forward, easy to follow, step by step program to help you buy your investment property.

I put all my knowledge as an investor and professional Buyer’s Agent into this accessible and affordable program to guide you and help you get the result you need.

The Millionaire Property Investor Program gives you the knowledge and tips on how to research, source, negotiate and purchase your investment property.

It is designed to make buying an investment property easier.

Knowing what’s important to ask is key to getting the right result.

I guide you through the entire process to give you confidence in your decision making when it comes to purchasing a property.

I started my business to help investors avoid the many pitfalls and understand how to buy a property that will work for them.

My greatest satisfaction is having helped hundreds of happy investors to build successful portfolios and you can do the same.

Buying the right property type in the right location and at the right price involves a great deal of skill at every point of the process if you’re wanting to build an investment portfolio.

Most new investors have the right intentions and on the surface investing looks pretty easy but they generally lack the skill to get it right and many end up owning only one property in their lifetime because they failed to get the first purchase right.

Let’s face it, owning just one investment property is better than none but it won’t make you comfortable in retirement.

That’s exactly why I designed the Millionaire Property Investment Program. So that investors get the knowledge they need to buy the right property in the first place, at the right price and use it as a springboard to purchasing as many properties as they need.

This program takes a deep dive into every aspect of the purchase process:

Module One

Outline of the Program, Getting Started and the Essential things you need to know about property investing as well as having an Investor Mindset. We look in depth at Money Mindset.

Module Two

Strategy is crucial to achieving the best investment outcome and we cover your personalised Strategy in preparation for you to invest.

Module Three

Finance – when to apply, the necessary requirements, including the essential questions to ask your Bank or mortgage broker.

Module Four

Property Research, Due Diligence, Location search, sourcing the right property and the importance of Pest and Building inspections with case studies.

Module Five

Negotiation – included are the questions that you need to ask the selling agent to get the advantage when negotiating the price and case studies that provide examples on how to get the edge on negotiating.

Module Six

Conveyancing – included are the questions that you need to ask the Conveyancer regarding the contract and any special conditions required as well as a case study.

Module Seven

Property Management – one of the most important modules and includes questions to use when interviewing a prospective property manager for your investment property.

Module Eight

Experienced Investor Master Class. We interview experienced investors to show you how others have done it and the traps to watch out for.

There's also "Frequently Asked Questions" that Investors Ask – we unpack and answer those questions to provide clarity and certainty around investing in residential property.

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The Millionaire Property Investor Program

Who is this for?

Those who:

  • Are interested to learn about the property market and how to invest in residential property.
  • Are ready to purchase an investment property and want to know where to buy and what to buy.
  • Want to learn the essential skills required to successfully buy an investment property.
  • Want to work on their Strategy so that they understand what type of property they need to buy.
  • Have a deposit saved or equity in an existing property and an income to qualify for a loan.
  • Want to be in control of the purchase process and confidently research, source, negotiate and buy their own investment property.
  • Value having access to essential, step by step information, the questions to ask and case study examples to help them succeed in investing.
  • Want peace of mind knowing that they are connected to a professional Team if they need to access them.
  • Are ready to change their current circumstance and start their investment journey towards a better future.

Who the Millionaire Property Investor Program is not for?

Those who:

  • Are not ready financially to invest, don’t have a deposit saved or can’t access equity in property.
  • Suffer from analysis paralysis and get really stuck on the research, unable to move forward to purchase.
  • Already have 15 properties and understand how investing works.
  • Are not wanting to invest in property.
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We work on fitting all the pieces of the investment puzzle together for you to ensure your investment success.

  1. Strategy
  2. Finance     
  3. Research
  4. Property location and Sourcing
  5. Negotiation
  6. Conveyancing
  7. Insurance
  8. Property Management


Mani Lemmon


Jess Ring

Option 1

Millionaire Property Investor Program Online Education


  • Full 8 Module Program
  • Investment Strategy
  • Money Mindset / Investor Mindset
  • Finance
  • Research
  • Negotiation
  • Conveyancing
  • Property Management
  • Guest expert Master Classes
  • Experienced Investor Master Class
  • LIVE Q and A and Coaching Sessions
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Option 2

Millionaire Property Investor Mentoring Membership

  • Pre requisite - completion of the Millionaire Property
  • Investor Program
  • Group Coaching
  • Networking
  • Purchasing support
  • Guest Experts
  • Live Events
  • Market Updates
  • Full 8 Module Program as per the full priced option

Membership Coming

Option 3

On Request

Done for you

  • Strategy Session with Individualised Strategy
  • Property Reports
  • Property Sourcing
  • Property Selection
  • Property Negotiation
  • Organise Pest and Building Inspections
  • OrganiseConveyancing
  • Property Management
  • Sourcing a quality Tenant
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