The Property Investor’s

Strategy Course

"Want to build future financial security for you and your family? "

These online courses make everyday women into confident property investors who are doing just that.

"Making everyday women into extraordinary property investors"


Yes, women just like you!


  • Do you struggle with knowing how to get started when it comes to Property Investing?
  • Are you confused with all the property investment information online – when really much of it’s just about trying to sell you properties?
  • Are you fearful that you will make a huge mistake and it will end up costing you a fortune because you’re not sure how property investing works?
  • Are you ready to learn the very first steps to property investing that will set you up with a successful and profitable investment property portfolio in the future? You’re in the right place!

This short online Course starts with the foundations of property investing – your property investment Goals and Strategy.

"Making everyday women into confident property investors who are building future financial security"

Why do you need an investment property Strategy?

Your strategy gives you crystal clear clarity around 'where' and 'what property' you need to buy that aligns with your goals. Your Strategy takes away the uncertainty and guesswork and puts you in the powerful position of building your property portfolio.

What do women think about Property Investing before they start investing?


The Property Investor's Strategy Course is for you if you want to set your GOALS and have a STRATEGY for Property Investing.

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The way to invest in Property is NOT:

  • Go into investing without any property education, not having any goals or strategy and not knowing what you want to achieve

  • Spend countless days on real and find a property you like and buy it, hoping it will work well for you ( I call this the ‘hope and pray’ method of property investing)

  • Buy the house next door to where you live because you love the area and you can keep an eye on everything

  • Buy because someone told you they were investing and it’s a ‘good idea’ to invest

The best way to start investing IS:

  • Invest some time and money in getting a property investment education

  • Understand exactly how property investing works so that you can make informed decisions on what you will buy based on your Goals and Strategy

“Knowledge is Power when it comes to Investing”

Buy the Property Investor’s Strategy Course so you can confidently set your Goals and Strategy . Then you’re ready to start investing.

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"Making everyday women into confident property investors who are building future financial security"

What will you get?

  • An online Course that you complete in your own time
  • Your Goals Guide – an online Questionnaire that takes you through your individual and / family goals for the next 3-5 years
  • Your Strategy Survey – an online Survey that takes you through your individual property investing strategy according to your goals.
  • Understanding your Goals and putting them into your Strategy
  • BONUS ‘All The Property Terms and What They Mean’ booklet
  • BONUS Property investing Blogs giving more valuable property investment information
  • FAQs on property investment that most first time investors ask

Are you ready to start your Property Investment Education and get your GOALS and STRATEGY done and dusted?

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Why you need this Course.

  1. Understand your life goals and financial commitments for the next 3-5 years
  2. Save yourself potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars by making educated and informed decisions when it comes to buying that first investment property
  3. Have clarity around which Strategy will work best for you and your family
  4. No matter what you have in mind around investing, you need a foundation in goal setting and strategy to achieve it.
Buy the Property Investor's Strategy Course for $297

Who is This Course For?

This is for you if:

  • You want to start your property investing education and learn the foundation of property investing.
  • You are wanting direction and clarity around your goals and investing strategy and will achieve that on completion of this short Course
  • You are wanting to learn online in your own time.

Who is This Course Not For?

  • You are not tech savvy enough to access an online course
  • You don’t have any life goals and just want to take life as it comes

"Making everyday women into confident property investors who are building future financial security"

Why Should You Learn from Me?

  • I know how it feels to be stuck and not know how to 'get ahead' financially. I made a scary decision to start investing in property 20 years ago while I still had a mortgage on my own home.
  • Since 2002 I have built a large property portfolio on a single income while raising two children.
  • I started my business, Australian Property Investment Solutions in 2010 and have helped hundreds of people to become property investors and build their wealth in a safe way
  • I was originally a teacher and know how to break down complex things into easy to understand, achievable actions
  • I’m a Podcast Host of “Her Investment Property” hosted on iTunes and created to help women understand how to invest
  • I write regularly for Australian Property investor Magazine, providing expert commentary on the Australian property market
  • I spend every day in the property investment market and the reason I’ve created this short course is to help as many women as possible to start their property investing journey with knowledge and clarity, avoiding the mistakes a novice makes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Leah G

“I wanted to understand the basics of property investing and didn’t even know I needed to start with a strategy. Now I’ve done the Course, I’m looking to find the right property to buy. Loved the course.”

Julie Crockett
Course Creator